Customized Transport Robots

InSystems Automation manufactures customized vehicles, which are adapted or completely rebuilt according to the customers’ needs in regards to

  • Size
  • Load (weight and size)
  • Transfer height/load handling device

See also Specification of a transport robot system

At the following sites, we introduce the AGVs we manufactured so far. You can also find descriptions, data sheets and videos (clicking on the images will take you to the vehicle’s page).

You can find product sheets and whitepapers with general information on our autonomous proANT transport robots  in our Download section.

Model Load Carried loads Description
proANT 436 proANT 436 für 50 kg mit Hub und drei verschiedenen Lastaufnahmen 50 kg KLT containers and trays With lifting device and different load attachment devices
proANT 436 Sasha proANT 436 mit Magazinregal 50 kg KLT containers and trays With a bigger lifting device and up to 7 shelves
proANT 436 Telescope Load Handling Device
proANT 436 mit großem Hub und Teleskop Lastaufnahme 35 kg Trays With telescopic load attachment device for protruding loads
proANT 490 proANT 490 AGV 200 kg KLT containers , LLCs , also stacked, barrels With different load handling attachments, floating conveyor
proANT 016 proANT 016 für die Aufnahme von KLT direkt vom Boden 100 kg Stacked KLT containers Automatic pick up  from the ground
proANT 654 proANT 654 mit Bodenroller 150 kg Floor roller Automatic pick up  from the ground of floor rollers
proANT 576 proANT 576 für Paletten bis 1200 kg 1.200 kg Euro and ISO pallets With lifting device up to 1.200 mm height
proANT 485 proANT 485 für bis zu 30 kg 30 kg Containers, rollers
Omron OEM mobile platform
LD Mobile Robot von Omron 50 kg depending on the load handling device