Omron Mobile Robots LD

OEM mobile plattform by Omron

Omron LD mobiler Roboter Field AGV for manufacturing and warehouse logistics
Task Fully automated transport
Size Length 699 mm, Width 500 mm
Load depending on the load handling up to 50 kg
Load Handling Device from Omron or customized by InSystems Automation
Transfer Height Vehicle height 383 mm plus load handling device

The OEM mobile platform by Omron is the ideal AGV-solution for narrow aisles due to its compact size and autonomous navigation. The mobile robots navigate with the navigation software owned by Omron according to the environment contours, without a need for additional marks or lane guidances. Every vehicle calculates automatically its optimal route to a given destination.

Our OEM partners and payloads developer use a reliable drive unit, on-board power supply, an automatic and autonomous load function and I/O to connect payload hardware with the mobile platform.

Omron sells two models of the mobile plattform and offers a program for accessory parts.

InSystems is Omron Solution Partner

If you don’t need just a platform, but rather a complete intralogistic solution with these mobile robots, Omron Solution Partner InSystem delivers you everything you need for a fully automated material transport. From the design of customized load handling devices and drop stations to the programming of control systems, interfaces and the full integration of mobile robot fleets in the manufacturing plants, the general enterprise InSystems provides you everything from a single source.

InSystems becomes Omron solution partner


The OEM mobile platform by Omron is available in two models. According to the manufacturer, their daily runtime is 19 hours.

  • LD60 with a transport capacity of up to 60 kg (max. speed 1,8 m/s)
  • LD90 with a transport capacity of up to 90 kg (max. speed 1,35 m/s)

The maximal speed of the vehicles in their actual environment depends on the width of the aisles, the movement of persons, the obstacles on the routes and on the loads (load handling, center of gravity, tilting moment etc.). Also, the driving routes and the voltage consumers on the platform like active load handling, sensors, laser scanners and signal elements have an impact on the runtime of the mobile robots.

InSystems take these factors into account to calculate the capacity and the size of the vehicle fleet.

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