proANT 436 35 kg Telescope

Transport Robot with Telescopic Load Handling for Trays

proANT 436 mit großem Hub und Teleskop Lastaufnahme Fields AGV for manufacturing
Task Fully automated transport of trays in intralogistics
Size Length 737 mm, width 622 mm, height 1300 mm
Load Trays 600 x 400 mm up to 35 kg
LAM Customized design to pick up trays from racks and drop them on a belt conveyor
Transfer Height Variable between 450 and 1100 mm (other lifting heights also possible)
A customized load handling was designed fot he vehicle, since the customer wanted to keep using the racks close to the working stations. The telescopic conveyor consists of three flexible elements, reaches into the racks and lifts the trays out.

For safety reasons (protection against danger of crushing and damages to assets), the telescopic conveyor is equipped with a collision deactivation device in the horizontal and vertical direction. Additionally, the area is secured against invasion by a side scanner.