proANT 436 AGV Sasha 50 kg

proANT 436 mit MagazinregalFieldAGV for assemby sites or for nursing care facilities and hospitals
TasksFully automated material flow solution


  • to deliver drugs or food
  • to supply assembly sites
SizeLength 740 mm, Width 622 mm, Height 1500 mm (incl. WLAN antennas)
Loadup to 50 kg (total load)
Load Handling AttachmentActive pick-and-drop with belt conveyors
CapacityAccording to number of shelves, customizable
Transfer HeightCustomizable between 420 mm and 1.350 mm
DownloadsProduct specification sheet for proANT 436 SASHA


S.A.S.H.A. (Smart Autonomous System Hospital Assistent) was originally developed for an arab TV show as an intelligent autonomous hospital assistant. What makes this robot special is its shelf-like construction which can pick up and carry up to seven trays with food or medicine. Furthermore, the height of the load handling attachment with belts is adjustable, so that is possible to configure the transfer height individually for every load station.

By now, this vehicle has been further developed for industrial applications, for example to deliver materials to assembly sites. Because of its compact design, it is especially well-suited to pick up small loads (such as small load carriers SLCs or trays). Its lifting feature allows it to approach load stations at different heights, meaning it is able to e.g. drop loads directly into shelves or supply several stations in one trip by carrying different loads within a collective transport. This function helps reducing transportation times especially in places with long transportation routes.

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