proANT 485 AGV 30 kg

proANT 485 für bis zu 30 kg Field AGV for industrial production (printed goods)
Duty Fully autonomous supply of machines with empty containers and retrieval of filled containers
Size Length 643 mm, width 565 mm
Load Containers up to 30 kg
Load handling device Belt conveyor
Transfer height 263 mm
Vehicle fleet 9 Vehicles


Customizable AGV for container transport.
Previous to the introduction of the proANTs, the supply of the production machines was done manually. The heights of transfer were very different. One of the costumer’s requirements was to not modify or alter the existing production machines. Due to this, all in- and outfeeds of the machines were equipped with customized loadports using standard belt conveyors and lifting devices with different sizes.

The proANT 485 for the production of glasses:

At the Opti 2016, the international fair for optical systems and design in Munich, the proANT 485 drove around the stand of B&S Breitfeld & Schliekert. It was transporting order boxes, which contain parts for the glass manufacturing.