proANT 490 AGV 200 kg

proANT 490 AGV Field AGV for production
Task Fully autonomous supply of machines with empty magazines and retrieval of filled magazines
Size Length 1020 mm, Width 940 mm
Load  Different boxes, partially stacked and trays with the same surface area, KLT containers, maximum 200 kg

Heavy load carriers


Load Handling Attachment Belt conveyor, float-mounted

Roller conveyor

Transfer Height 457 mm or according to the requirements
Produktblatt proANT 490 für KLT, GLT, Fässer bis zu 200 kg Download Product specification sheet for proANT 490

Detailed application description:

Transport offener Farbfässer

Application description proANT 490 for open paint barrels with up to 100 kg weight