proANT 576 AGV 1200 kg

Transport Robot for Pallets: Lifting from the Ground until 1.200 kg

proANT 576 für Paletten bis 1200 kg Field AGV for production and warehouse logistics
Tasks Fully automated lifting from the ground and transport of single or stacked pallets
Size 2150mm x 825mm x 900mm
Load Single or stacked Europallets
(1.200mm x 800mm and
1.200mm x 1000mm) up to a height of 2.000 mm and a weight of max. 1.200 kg
Load Handling Attachment Passive intake
Transfer Height 0 mm, lifting from the ground/drop on the floor
until 1.150 mm lifting height
Produktblatt proANT 576 für Paletten bis 1.200 kg Download
Product specification sheet proANT 576

proANT 576 (Pallet carrier) is an autonomous transport robot, which was specifically designed to pick up single or stacked pallets fully automatically from the ground and transport them.  They vehicle can carry a load until a weight of 1.200 kg. It is entirely safe when working side by side with humans.

In this video:
The movie was recorded during a practical demonstration, for which the autonomous vehicle drove pallets around between production site and warehouse. During the route, it overcame also ramps with a 3% slope.

Detailed application description:

proANT for pallets at automotive supplier

proANT for pallets ICE at Munich main station