proANT 654 AGV 150 kg

proANT 654 Trolley Lifter for trolleys and carts

proANT 654 für BodenrollerFieldAGV for manufacturing
TaskFully autonomous supply and transport of underrideable containers, trolleys and carts
Dimensionslength 737 mm, width 622 mm

Underrideable containers, trolleys and carts
– max. dimensions 600 mm x 400 mm
– ground clearance 115 to 155 mm
– wheel distance: min. 225 mm

Other container dimensions available on request.

Load Handling Device

Lifting fork in different widths

Transfer Height0 mm (ground),
max.  60 mm lifting height
Download Produktbalett proANT 654 für Bodenroller und TransportwagenDownloadProduct sheet with technical data

The Trolley Lifter uses a laser scanner to detect the oor roller and automatically picks it up between the rollers, taking into account any offset and twist.

The proANT 654 Trolley Lifter is a modification of proANT 016 Stacklifter, that is able to pick up SLC stacks directly from the ground.