Robor for Disinfection ZenZoe

Robots for eliminating viruses (e.g. Covid-19) and germs


Desinfektionsroboter ZenZoe

FieldHospitals, retirement homes, medical practices, hotels, educational and sports facilities, offices, trade and industrial companies.
TaskFully automatic disinfection of rooms by UV-C light
DimensionLength 740 mm, width 662 mm, height 1.970 mm
Disinfection8-10 min per 25 sqm
Equipment4 UV Lamps
Technical Data
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Running time approx. 2-2.5 h
Battery charging time 60 min
Connectivity 4G or WiFi


The Spanish company ASTI Mobile Robotics and the Berlin company InSystems Automation have developed a disinfection robot called “ZenZoe” together with BOOS Technical Lighting. The robot automatically moves a light column through interiors, which emits ultraviolet light, effectively killing up to 99.99% of the corona virus in the air and on surfaces and objects. The effectiveness has been proven by a recognized research institution in a hospital. Conceivable areas of application are not only hospitals, old people’s homes and clinics, but also hotels, educational and sports facilities as well as offices, trade and industrial companies.

The vehicle named “ZenZoe” has a special light column that emits ultraviolet light (UV-C light). The UV-C lamp is mounted on the lifting device of our autonomously navigating transport robot and can therefore be moved to the best height for optimal treatment. Due to the high concentrated light intensity of the UV lamp, continuous disinfection of germs can be guaranteed in a single pass. This means that surfaces and objects do not have to be disinfected several times, which considerably reduces the disinfection time of a room.

By using cloud-based software, the effectiveness can be tracked and documented in real time.

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Information ZenZoe Disinfection Robot for Industry (Pdf 6 MB)  ZenZoe Disinfection Robot for Industry (Pdf 6 MB)


Information ZenZoe Disinfection Robot for Health Care (Pdf 3 MB)  ZenZoe Disinfection Robot for Health Care (Pdf 3 MB)


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