Rent and Test proANT Transport Robots

You want to try out a proANT transport robot in your company? InSystems Automation offers vehicles for rent so that you can test it over a period of your choice.  Familiarize yourself and your employees with the functionality and behavior of a proANT transport robot in your own production and manufacturing environment.

Rent proANT transport robots: What are the benefits?

Experience shows that the decision for an automated guided vehicle system as a material flow solution is part of a long-term process that can lead to small or large changes in the intralogistics of the factory and the tasks in the team.

proANT transport robots from InSystems Automation are integrated into the existing software structure and production environment (e.g. connection to machines, safety considerations) in a customer-specific way. Besides hardware and software, important aspects such as safety considerations or optimization of processes are taken into account.

However, before starting such a project, it is often helpful for companies to rent a transport robot. The advantages are,

  • you can test a proANT model setting up a test scenario in a real factory environment.
  • you can train employees in the functionality and behavior of autonomously navigating transport robots.
  • you can specify the requirements for a material flow system with driverless transport vehicles using your practical experience.

What does the rent include?

The rent includes:

  • the delivery of a proANT transport robot and its components (charging station, PC with fleet management server, WLAN router)
  • the commissioning of a test scenario by one of our technicians
  • a training of the staff
  • a service hotline during core working hours (8:00-17:00) and
    the return transport.

Optionally, you can order additionally a passive roller conveyor with 2 buffer places as source or destination, a transfer table for the transfer of a KLT container, a tablet PC for the generation of transport orders or small load carriers (KLT) can be ordered additionally.

What does a test scenario look like?

You can define up to 4 destinations within the test system. First, our technician scans the environment map and defines the positions for the transfer and the transfer heights. This commissioning takes about 2-4 hours. At the same time, he will train your employees so that they are able to change the positions themselves.

You simply generate the transport orders manually on the graphic interface of the fleet management PC.

Test it yourself!

We will be happy to send you a non-binding rental offer with all details.

Contact person for the rental:

Mrs. Petra Israel
Phone +49-30-6392 2513