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New showroom in the new office building

Neuer Showroom in unserem neuen Bürogebäude


Showroom Industrie 4.0 Eröffnung

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In our new office building, which we are currently moving into, we have a large new test area for our transport robots. The larger showroom Industry 4.0 was originally planned to open at the beginning of April, but due to the current situation (Corona/Covid-19) this has been postponed until autumn.

As the years went by, our previous showroom in Rudower Chaussee 9 became too small for our many projects and for the proANT vehicles, which also increased their size with time.

On this area we will be able to test and optimize new developments and all vehicles for customers under much better conditions before delivery. In the showroom we also test the proANTs from customer projects extensively before delivery. We record the continuous operation via camera so that the causes of faults can be detected and eliminated.

In the future we will continue to demonstrate the driving behavior of the transport robots to visitors, especially when confronted with people and obstacles and the automatic load transfer. The transport robots navigate autonomously usinf laser scanners without floor loops or wall reflectors and calculate their route to their destination independently.

On June 1, 2016, InSystems Automation opened its first Industry 4.0 showroom at Rudower Chaussee 9, 12489 Berlin-Adlershof.
Now we are looking for a new tenant for our old showroom.

Pick-to-light assembly workstation

We show a manual assembly workstation, which is equipped with the Pick-2-light assembly guidance system developed by InSystems. At this workplace the worker is guided through the assembly of an assembly group by light signals and assembly instructions on a screen. Pick-to-light assembly systems increase the process reliability, shorten the throughput times and thus minimize the costs of manual work.

Visit to the Industry Showroom 4.0

Companies, students and schools are welcome to register for a guided tour of the showroom. We will be pleased to inform you about our products and technologies and look forward to your visit. Please send your requests to

We are looking forward to your visit!

Directions and address

Wagner-Régeny-Straße 16, 12489 Berlin

Close to railway station (S-Bahn) Adlershof

Autobahn A113 exit Adlershof